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One Day Shower Replacement - South Bend, IN

If you live in the South Bend area and are looking for high quality shower and bathtub replacements, Baths By Bee is the place to call. Our outstanding customer service provides consistent customer care for every household we serve. 

Baths By Bee has been a bathroom remodeler for over 35 years. We work with factory trained shower installers who are consistent and always provide excellent results. 

Let this A+ Better Business Bureau bathroom remodeling company add you to their list of over 50,000 home remodels. We will work until you are satisfied. 

Baths By Bee Shower replacement options include:

  • Shower Replacement and Installation
  • Accessible Walk in Showers
  • Shower Conversions

Shower Replacement and Installation

At Baths By Bee we want everyone to have the opportunity to create the bathroom of their dreams. We know time is important to each of our customers so we guarantee a one day shower installation.

Say goodbye to your outdated bathroom and let us provide you with replacement shower options that include:

  • Easy-to-Clean Surfaces
  • Affordable Financing
  • Varying Styles
  • Accessories
  • Accessibility Features

In as little as 24-hours Baths By Bee can create a fresh look and style fit to your standards.

Get Accessibility with Walk In Showers

Did you buy a home and need help with accessibility? South Bend's replacement shower company can provide the services you need. Our walk-in showers come with multiple style options. Let us take your vision to the next level of style!

These low maintenance, durable showers come with easy to clean nonporous surfaces that are simple to wipe down. We want to make your life easier and safer with our crack and chip resistant walk-in showers. Give us a call today to learn more about how we can help make your life easier. 

Shower Conversion Options

Baths By Bee wants to help you get rid of the tub you no longer want and create a space full of open serenity. Our life time warranted products will help you create a new space, while also giving you peace of mind that they will last. 

Bath By Bee's bathroom options span from customizable surrounds to simple shower bases. Whatever look you want your shower to have, we can provide. Are you looking for an upscale glass surround or maybe a new tiled liner? We will convert your bathtub into an option that works for you.

Get A Free Shower Replacement Quote

For your free shower replacement quote, contact our customer service team today. There is no need to live with you outdated bathroom when Baths By Bee can create a refreshing atmosphere for any customer.