A beautiful bathroom adds value to your home, but do you think creating an elegant bathroom is a project that’s out of your budget? You’ll be happy to know that you don’t have to make a big investment to enjoy big results!

Here are some tips for designing an elegant bathing area for less than the cost of a traditional bathroom renovation.

Work with What You Have
Since you’re going to focus on the bathing area, take a look at the features of your bathroom that will stay the same. This includes the flooring, cabinets, and vanity. You could make some changes, such as painting the cabinets, but some things will stay the same—and that’s OK!

You’ll just need to make choices for the bathing area updates that will complement, rather than compete with, the existing features in the space.

The Bathing Area
When selecting the colors for your bathing area, start with the wall surround and then choose a tub or shower base that goes well with it. Why start with the walls? They will be more of a focal point than the tub or shower base, so choose a surround that speaks to the look you want and go from there.

  • If your wall pattern is predominantly gray, choose a white or gray tub or shower.
  • If your wall pattern is predominantly brown, choose a biscuit, sandbar, or almond tub or shower.

Your choice of finish for the fixtures, drains, and shower door frame is another important factor in the overall design. Polished brass looks great with the brown family while chrome beautifully complements all shades of gray.

Your elegant bathroom also needs to be functional, so talk to your design specialist about adding extras such as:

  • Shower Foot Rest
  • Caddy for Storage
  • Soap Dishes

If you want enhanced accessibility, grab bars or an attached bench seat are great additions.

Add Some Final Touches
One way to tie the existing and new features together is by updating the paint with colors that complement both old and new elements of the bathroom. Also, brighten up the space with plants and artwork for a finished look.

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