6 Amazing Shower Styles for Modern and Contemporary Bathrooms

Modern bathrooms are all about clean lines, neutral colors, and sleek elegance. A beautiful contemporary bathroom is the perfect place to relax and unwind. With quality products, uncluttered surfaces, and sophisticated design choices, a modern bathroom can be a true oasis.

If you are looking to transform your master bath, family bath, or guest bath into a serene and contemporary sanctuary, one of the first features you will need to consider is the shower. There are many shower styles that will seamlessly fit into a modern bathroom design scheme, and we have compiled them below to help you get inspired as you plan your remodel.

1.) Spacious Walk-In Showers

A walk-in shower gives off the light, minimalist, airy vibe that modern design is known for. These types of showers can elevate the style of your space and make small bathrooms appear larger and more spacious. Choosing barrier-free options will allow you to add contemporary style to your bathroom while also increasing its safety. At Baths By Bee, we provide beautiful, accessible walk-in shower designs for those with limited mobility.

2.) Glitzy and Glamorous Glass Showers

Glass shower enclosures are beautiful, modern, and the perfect sleek complement to any modern bathroom. A glass-style shower will provide tons of aesthetic appeal, create a sense of spaciousness, and allow natural light to shine. If you are thinking about adding a glass shower to your modern bathroom, you will also love that they are low maintenance, easy to clean, resistant to mold and mildew, and durable.

3.) Dual Showerheads

Accessories are important when it comes to your shower style and a tandem shower head is one of the best accessories for a modern bathroom. Contemporary bathing fixtures are all about comfort and luxury, and those are two things that dual showerheads offer in spades. Relaxing tandem shower heads will allow you to truly unwind and enjoy your bathing experience in your modern space.

4.) Shower Seating

A shower with seating is another style that works great in a modern bathroom. Seating helps you maintain that uncluttered vibe because it can serve as extra storage space. It also promotes relaxation. Installing a seat will make your space look more put together, more inviting, and more luxurious. Shower seats are also excellent for people with mobility issues or those who are aging.

5.) Neutral Colors with Natural Touches

You want your contemporary bathroom to be a spa-like oasis, and selecting neutral colors is the perfect way to add that relaxing vibe. You can also layer natural elements and materials like stone or wood or add plants to make your shower feel more welcoming.

6.) Beautiful Built-In Shelving

Uncluttered spaces are essential when creating a modern, contemporary vibe. A shower with built-in shelves that match the shower’s aesthetic vibe can help you maintain a clean, tidy space. Whether you are going for a colorful space or a neutral one, match your shelves to the rest of your shower. Built-in shower shelving can also add aesthetic appeal and visual interest.

How Baths By Bee Can Help You Get a New and Contemporary Shower

Do you need help with getting the perfect modern shower for your bathroom? Baths By Bee can assist. Our family-owned, BBB accredited, A+ rated company has over four decades of experience assisting our clients in getting their dream showers and we would love to transform your space into a modern oasis. Our quality products, flawless workmanship, and commitment to customer satisfaction will wow you. Reach out today to speak with our knowledgeable team and receive your free estimate.