It seems like the bathroom is a part of your home that always needs cleaning to keep it free of dust, mold, and mildew. But, no homeowner has the time or inclination to give the bathroom a deep clean every few days or so. At Baths by Bee, we’ve put together a few techniques you can use to keep your bathroom looking better for longer. 

1. Make Use of Organizers & Shelving

A well-organized sink and bath enclosure always look sleek and clean at first glance. Keep bath products to a minimum so you don’t have a lot of clutter taking up useful surface area. The things you keep should be placed in dedicated storage areas, such as the medicine cabinet, vanity, shelving, or plastic containers on the sink and bath area. You’ll also find it easier to lift these containers up when wiping down the counters, instead of moving every single product you own. 

2. Wipe Up Moisture After Showers

Whenever you bathe, take a few minutes afterwards to wipe down the walls of your bath enclosure. You can your towel to get that extra moisture or hang a squeegee in the bathroom to quickly swipe water droplets into the tub. Another tip is buying a moisture absorber product to keep humidity lower in general.

3. Keep a Laundry Hamper Nearby

Whether you put one in the bathroom or the hallway outside the bathroom, a laundry hamper makes it more convenient for family members to clean up their dirty towels. You can also put a trash can in the bathroom for any loose bits of paper or packaging that may be left behind when opening bath products.

4. Spray the Shower Curtains

If you use a shower curtain, it can develop mold and mildew along the bottom edge with time. Keep this from happening by spraying your curtains with a cleanser containing bleach a few times a month. Let it sit and it will rinse off the next time you take a shower. You can also use a mixture of 1:1 vinegar and water to dissolve built-up soap scum on the curtains, faucets, and wall surround.

5. Keep Some Wipes in the Cabinet

If you have a spill or the countertop is starting to get a little dusty, it’s easier to act straight away when you have some cleaning wipes in the bathroom. These convenient pre-soaked wipes also reduce the number of steps involved in cleaning so there is less for you to do. Plus, you can simply toss them in the garbage when finished.

Get a Free Quote on a Durable, Non-Porous Acrylic Bathtub

Another easy way to keep the bathroom clean is to use non-porous acrylic bathtubs. These fixtures resist the build-up of grime and dirt that can plague so many bathrooms. If you are interested in a quick renovation to make your bath easier to maintain, give Dream Baths by Bee a call. You can also fill out our online form to request a free quote for a bathtub replacement today.