Most of us recognize the relaxing and rejuvenating feelings that come from a really good shower or bath. And while so many of us use our showers and baths just for these reasons, we still don't know the exact benefits that come from this routine.

In this blog, we'll discuss the specific benefits of relaxation and self-care in the shower and tub. But before we do that, we thought that you might want to know more about us. 

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Taking Time for Yourself

Whether you're a parent, workaholic, or both, you have to take time for yourself. Spending time all day tending to other people's needs is exhausting and can have negative effects on your mental health. By taking some time for yourself in your bathtub, you're able to enjoy some much-needed relaxation.

Improved Quality of Sleep

The stresses of everyday life can cause your sleep cycles to become dysregulated. Jumping in the shower shortly before bedtime is a great way to calm your mind and ensure a higher quality of sleep.

Physical Safety

For those living with limited mobility concerns, bathing or showering can feel like a daunting task. However, with a solution like a walk-in tub, you're able to find peace of mind and independence, knowing that your tub has been adapted to meet your needs.

Skin Care

Healthy skin leads to a healthier mindset. When you're focused on maintaining the health of your skin with regular showers and baths, you'll be able to transfer this into better mental health.

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