​Given the extra space, a master bathroom is a fun room to plan for a remodel. The larger floor plan means you won’t have to make concessions regarding luxurious bathing fixtures. Here are a few options to keep in mind during your master bathroom remodel.

Tub and Shower Combination Options

Suppose you have people in your home with different bathing preferences. In that case, you can satisfy everyone with a tub and shower combination. Get a bathtub installed in a standard, soaker or walk-in size option, and add a walk-in or roll-in shower next to it. The large area of the master bathroom leaves enough room for everyone.

Upgrade your Bathtub to Extra Large

You can enjoy a relaxing bath in a standard tub. Standard bathtubs are typically five feet long. However, if you want to achieve ultimate luxury during your bathroom renovation, then opt for a large 5.5 ft tub. You can customize your choice with various widths, colors, and styles, such as walk-in tub options.

Combine Your Side-by-Side

If you have a space for a tub and a separate area for a shower, you can combine your side-by-side fixtures. Integrating these areas will allow you to create an impressive extra-large shower space that you can customize to your preferences.

Create an Oversized Shower

Suppose you’re the type that likes to escape in the shower. In that case, the master bathroom renovation is your opportune time to create the perfect refuge. Set the scene with a 6ft long and 4ft wide shower base, or super-size your experience with a 10ft option.

Add Your Own Touch

Home renovations are fun because you get to make your space your own. Almost all aspects of a bathroom remodel are customizable. You can choose from many colors, patterns, bases, and wall surrounds for a one-of-a-kind product.

Of course, using the right bathroom remodeler makes a significant difference. Dream Baths by Bee has served home owners for over 40 years with a commitment to the highest quality workmanship and dedicated customer care. Get a free quote to get started.