An ideal bathroom serves a personal spa-like setting; however, it must be functionally appropriate at a bare minimum. If you need a bathroom that is more accessible either due to age, injury, or disability, here are a few tips for making your bathing area more accessible.

Walk-In Showers

If you love the feel of a cascading shower, but find it difficult to step over the tall wall of a tub and shower combo, then consider a walk-in shower option. A walk-in shower provides a low barrier threshold that reduces the risk of tripping or falling.

Many of these shower designs have customizable features. Get the look you want and the functionality you need by pairing this base with sliding door options.

No Barrier Showers

For an utterly effortless bathing area, consider a barrier free shower. These shower designs allow easy access for a wheelchair user to have a roll-in option for bathing. Personalize a barrier free shower with different curtain rod finishes, or add doors.

Walk-In Bathtubs

Nothing beats the feel of a long soak in a tub; however, if you have mobility issues, that can be hard to achieve. Walk-in tubs not only provide a safer experience with water-tight doors that open, but they also provide a deep soaking experience with water jet therapy.

Grab Bars & Shower Seats

Get the most out of your accessible bathroom by adding custom grab bars and seating. Many of these bathing areas can accompany safety seating and are designed with ADA-compliant accessories for maximum safety and comfort.

Get Accessibility Without Sacrificing Style

If you need a more accessible bathing area, you don’t have to sacrifice a customized look. Adding personalized touches such as brushed nickel rods or polished chrome handles can have an eye-catching effect. These options come with several designs and colors for bases, wall surrounds, and accessories.

For an efficient, accessible bathroom remodel, contact an experienced bathroom remodeling company. Dream Baths By Bee has provided reliable, safer bath remodels to Indiana property owners for forty years. Call for a free quote today.