In our fast-paced lives, it can be difficult to get away from the hustle and bustle and relax in the way our bodies and minds truly need. Instead of waiting for the rare vacation to find your escape, why not give yourself the gift of a daily retreat in your own bathroom?

Adding touches of nature to your bathing area is the perfect way to transform a mundane habit into something rejuvenating, grounding, and energizing. Check out the tips and ideas below to design your bathroom into a natural retreat you’ll love. (It’s easier than you might think!)

Choose a Comfortable Bathing Feature

Before you start to daydream about distinctive stone patterns, earthy towel colors, or flora-and-fauna wall hangings, be sure to take your time choosing your bathing feature. After all, there’s nothing relaxing about a tub or shower that isn’t comfortable!

At Baths by Bee, we offer a wide variety of bathtubs and showers, ranging from versatile tub-shower combos to deeply relaxing walk-in tubs. You can choose your favorite base along with any number of comfort-boosting add-ons to match:

  • Grab Bars
  • Shower Footrest (for Leg Shaving)
  • Shower Bench Seat
  • Shelving and Caddies
  • Soap Dishes
  • And More!

Once you’ve chosen your preferred tub or shower base and all the matching accessories, we can help you find an impeccable shade:

  • White and Gray are perfect for complementing predominantly gray, blue, or other cooler-toned color palettes. You could easily create a sleek Zen-style bathroom or a light and breezy ocean-inspired space.
  • Biscuit, Almond, and Sandbar make a gorgeous addition to warmer, earthier colors like browns, tans, yellows, and darker greens. Your bathroom getaway could become a woodsy cabin, a Nordic sauna, or a tropical rainforest lodge!


Set the Tone with Stone-Inspired Walls

After you’ve identified the right bathtub or shower base, you can move onto the wall surrounds. The ideal wall pattern will complete the look of your bathroom’s wet area, drawing the eye and making it the center of attention.

We offer a variety of natural stone-inspired walls to choose from, including:

  • Breccia: With its subtle pattern and minimal color variation, this wall pattern is understated but sophisticated and can work equally well for cool or warm tones.
  • Madeira Granite: Madeira Granite is much more dramatic then Breccia, offering stark color contrasts with authentic-looking flecks and veins.
  • River Rock: The warm feel of River Rock would go charmingly well with browns, tans, and earth tone neutrals.

Add the Perfect Finish with Hardware

Depending on the color palette you’ve chosen, you can finish the look with well-matched hardware for the faucet, drain, shower door, grab bars, and other metallic features. We offer the light look of brushed nickel as well as the richer, deeper tones of oil-rubbed bronze. Both can be a delightful addition to any style of nature-inspired bathroom!

Accessorize to Natural Perfection

For any bathroom remodel—nature-inspired or not—the final look often comes together with a few well-placed accents and thoughtful accessories. To make your new bathtub or shower look straight from the pages of your favorite magazine, finish the job with:

  • Fresh Paint for Non-Wet-Area Walls
  • New Towels in Tropical Green, Woodsy Brown, Beachy Sand, or Slate Gray
  • Framed Prints of Wildlife, Beach Scenes, Forests, or Sunrises
  • Matching Accessories, Such as Cabinet Handles, Towel Bars, or Toothbrush Holders
  • Potted Plants to Add Life to Your Tropical Escape, Beachside Resort, or Forest-y Getaway

Ready to turn your bathroom into a natural source of relaxation? Then contact Baths by Bee for a more in-depth design consultation with our expert bathroom designers! We have 35+ years of experience and can help you create your dream bath in no time at all. Call us or fill out our online form now.