Is your bathroom due for an upgrade? A quality renovation can give you more space, enhanced performance, and a better style, so you can enjoy a luxurious space for years to come. There are countless ways to refresh your bathroom these days. While this is comforting, it can also be pretty overwhelming.

Fear not! We’re here to give you the top six trends for a successful bathroom remodel.

Add Comfort and Style with Open Shower Designs

As you prepare for your project, really think about how your current bathtub or shower is impacting your space. Open showers are visually appealing and convenient. On top of providing more space, these modern designs offer the optimal accessible bathing experience.

Barrier-free showers give your bathroom a modern look while also offering performance-enhancing features. With high-quality walk-in showers, you can improve your bathroom’s appearance, comfort, and level of accessibility.

Take advantage of an easy remodel that will transform your entire bathroom. If you have a traditional tub that you’re ready to part ways with, you can get the job done with an efficient tub-to-shower conversion, too.

Relax in a New Bathtub

Are you looking for more space to sit back and relax? Let’s face it, you’re super busy throughout the day. You deserve a place to unwind whether you start or end your day with a relaxing soak in your tub.

Well, bigger bathtubs are in this year! You can upgrade yours with quick and easy tub replacement that meets all your wants and needs. Rather than defaulting to the basic jacuzzi-style tubs, you can completely customize your own, so you can match your bathroom’s aesthetic perfectly.

Organize with Compact Storage Spaces

Whether you’re upgrading your master bath or your guest bathrooms, extra space is always a win. Do you ever look around your home and wonder how you’ve collected all this extra stuff?

Make the switch to compact storage spaces, so you can reevaluate what you really need throughout your day-to-day. Hidden cabinets and modern shelving give you more than enough room for your important toiletries, but also forces you to finally part with all those almost-empty bottles and old hair products.

If you’re looking for a simple way to make your whole bathroom clean and more organized, this is it!

Back to Black—Use Dark Colors to Your Advantage

You may have witnessed a shift to darker tones a few years back. Many homeowners have already incorporated modern greys into their bathroom, but now it’s time to get even bolder! Black fixtures, vanities, mirrors, and accent walls have become all the rage in 2020.

These designs provide a clean and modern feel that will give your bathroom the refresh it deserves. You may feel hesitant to bring so much darkness into your space, but we have another popular trend that will allow you to have a sleek, modern bathroom that isn’t too dark.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Space

If you’re not too keen on going all black, add exclusive colors and patterns to your new and improved bathroom design. Vibrant colors can pair with any neutral bathroom, whether you decided to go light or dark.

On top of looking awesome, different color palettes can also affect your mood! Get the most out of your bathing experience with relaxing blues or natural greens. If you’re not prepared to undergo an entire remodel, opt for a simple shower surround or bath surround.

Top Your Remodel Off with Attractive Accents

Accents are a great way to tie your entire bathroom remodel together. Whether you’re looking for a classic or modern aesthetic, you can always find the best style for your space.

Wooden accents are making a comeback as homeowners search for warmer tones for their bathrooms. Countertops and cabinetry are a great place to implement these stylish accents into your otherwise modern bathroom.

Continuing on the trend of vintage looks, brass and gold accents are also rising in popularity for sinks, toilets, and everything in between. Trade out your chrome fixtures for some added warmth and depth to your bathroom.

Make Your Bath Remodel a Breeze with Affordable Custom Designs

Whatever your goals are for your upcoming remodel, you can achieve them with the right team behind you. Baths by Bee offers exclusive colors and patterns so you can craft the perfect bathroom design for your home.

Whether you need a simple bath liner or a full-blown shower replacement, our team will be by your side from your initial consultation until the installation of the finished product. Don’t leave your remodel on the backburner. Start planning today with a complimentary, no-obligation estimate from our specialists.