The wet area of your bathroom refers to the shower and tub areas, which can sometimes be separated from the rest of the bathroom areas like the toilet and vanity. Focusing on these areas during a remodeling project is of the highest importance, as they need to be built with the best quality materials and waterproof surfaces to ensure a long-lasting and durable bathroom for the future. 

In this article, our expert team of bathroom remodeling specialists at Baths by Bee will reveal some important information you should know about the wet area. We’ll also explain why wet rooms are becoming more and more popular in recent years—and why following this hot trend may be one of the best decisions you can make to protect your investment. 

The Wet Area: The Most Important Part of Your Bathroom

There’s no doubt that the bathroom is a very important room in the house. This is mostly because of the wet area, which also tends to be the part of the bathroom that deteriorates the fastest. When it comes to remodeling this space, it’s clear that the wet area is a critical part of the bathroom structure and the most important part of the remodel.

The wet area refers to the shower and the tub, which are the two major focuses in most home bathroom renovations. These areas are essential to the bathroom, and must be given high priority when planning your bath remodel. In fact, many homeowners are using the wet room layout to plan their renovations—preferring to enclose the wet area in a separate space with all waterproof materials.

Upgrading the Wet Area

If your bathroom is in need of an upgrade, chances are that your focus is on the shower or tub areas. Any old or cheaply-made fixture or appliance that is exposed to a constant flow of water is going to deteriorate quickly, and most home renovations happen when their home construction begins to show serious signs of aging. 

Today’s shower and bathtub materials are designed to be much stronger and much more durable than ever before. Upgrading the wet area of your bathroom means switching out the old, unsightly bath products with a bathtub replacement, a shower replacement, new flooring, and even installing wall surrounds with brand-new, highly-durable materials that are designed specifically to get wet. This means a bathroom redesign that will look beautiful for years to come, without the heavy maintenance that older bath products require. 

Consider a Wet Room

A wet room remodel is an excellent way to add serious value to your home—and can sometimes be a better alternative to a full bathroom overhaul, which can cost a lot more money. Because the wet area is likely to be the biggest problem with your bathroom, focusing on improving just your bathtub, shower, and the flooring and walls around them and making them waterproof can make a huge difference to the way your bathroom looks, feels, and functions.Wet rooms differ from traditional bathrooms in a few important ways. Mainly, the flooring is flat or gently slopes downward towards a drain. Another major difference is that wet rooms feature a type of open concept layout. This means that the shower and/or the tub area is separated from the toilet and sink by a sleek glass partition or none at all, depending on the size of the room.

Wet rooms are also convenient remodels for homes that need ADA solutions for easier bathing and showering. With flat, barrier-free flooring and wide, walk-in shower areas, wet rooms can be customized to suit the needs of low-mobility household members while looking sleek, sophisticated, and in-style at the same time. 

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