While the latest trends might not always reflect your best interests when it comes to remodeling your bathroom, paying attention to what’s new and popular in home décor is always a good idea. Whether you’re naturally creative and blessed with an eye for beauty or are less artistically inclined than you’d like—it never hurts to learn more about the newest design trends before embarking on a bathroom remodeling project of your own.

Looking at designs before meeting with a consultant can help you work together to create a look you’ll love. At Dream Baths by Bee, we love meeting with customers to help them design the perfect bathroom space. Our design experts are skilled at fusing together styles according to the preference of our customers and today’s newest and most popular bathroom designs—and are always on the lookout for up and coming trends to follow each year.

In this article, we’ll go over some of the best design trends we’ve seen so far in 2019, for those planning on starting their own bathroom redesign project. Our hope is to inspire you with some of these amazing ideas and to help you get started on the path towards building the bathroom of your dreams this year.

1.  Floating Fixtures

One of the most popular trends across the nation has been in style for years in Europe. Floating fixtures—including floating vanities, floating countertops, and floating toilets—are finding a place in the heart of American homes and taking the nation by storm.

The look of floating fixtures is clean, simple, high-tech, and streamlined. One of the best benefits of the floating bathroom product is easy, low-maintenance cleaning. Floating toilets and vanities are incredibly easy to clean, and the space underneath it will never require more than just a quick swipe of the mop to end up sparkling clean.

2.  Floor-to-Ceiling Shower Doors

A bathroom redesign trend we particularly love is floor-to-ceiling shower doors, which are typically made of transparent glass. While some homeowners opt for wooden or other materials to achieve this look, we love the clear glass, see-through elegance of seamless shower space.

We also love the fact that this look can help to maximize space, which is especially appreciated in smaller bathrooms and more confined and tight spaces. Another interesting way to incorporate this look in a practical way is with a walk-in shower installation, for easier accessibility for those that could benefit from a safer shower experience.

3.  A Return to Wood

Wood is making a huge comeback this year. While it can be argued that wooden bathrooms are hard to maintain and expensive to install, the beauty of this natural look cannot be denied. Wood trim is a popular choice for mirrors, walls, and other accent areas, while complete wood fixtures—from toilet seats to vanities, and even shower doors—are also in style again. If you’re worried about the maintenance of wood in wet bathroom areas, consider faux wood products made of fiberglass and plastic for a realistic look without the upkeep.

4.  Sophisticated, Elegant Black

The clean, simple look of minimalist bathroom styles are still in. However, this year we’ve seen many homeowners go the other direction, with a completely black bathroom redesign that’s just as sophisticated and modern-looking as plain white. Black walls, black bathtubs, and even black tile looks especially stunning when paired with different textured black surfaces—from marble and painted wood, to onyx-colored stone and brick.

5.  Funky Faucets

This is a small design tactic that can add major character to any bathroom space. Faucets come in all shapes, sizes, and designs—but people have rarely experimented with the location of the faucet in a bathroom sink, shower, or a tub.

The most surprising bathroom redesign trend we’ve seen lately in 2019 is sideways faucets—or faucets that are installed on the side of the sink, like on the side wall, as opposed to directly in front of us. For some people, the change is jarring and uncomfortable, and for others, it’s a welcome change. In all likelihood, this design trend is simply something you’d need to get used to if you’re interested in changing things up this way. 
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